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  • Boston Water & Sewer Increases Catch Basin Maintenance Efficiency

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    • Reduces Data Entry Time by 75%

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What is Utility Cloud?

We delight our customers with highly effective operational efficiency solutions that are easy to use and fast to implement.

Build a world-class team and company to continuously integrate emerging technologies and to improve how our software solves problems.We work diligently, according to our core values to seek, develop, implement and offer solutions that enhance efficiency for our customers and adds value to Utility Cloud.

I never have to worry about finding the information I need or that the information will be lost. My data is now just a tap away.

Buzzards Bay Water District, MA, Director

Utility Cloud provides the framework to manage our dynamic range of responsibilities for urban forestry and recreational space. With the customization of the workflow editor we are able to identify multiple tasks and are motivated to get things done.

Town of Natick, MA, Tree Warden

Since using Utility Cloud I trust the accuracy provided in my compliance reports and there is accountability for what needs to get done.

Town of Easton, MA, Director

Utility Cloud has been the best tool in the box for our municipality. It has enabled us to organize, collect, share, and retrieve data like never before. The ability to manage and view assets and generate reports using any device at any location is successful for our operations. Our staff especially enjoys working with the Utility Cloud personnel to develop the customized program that meets all our needs. Utility Cloud exceeds our expectations.

Town of Sparta, NC, Water Treatment ORC

"Going over to Utility Cloud has been the best thing we have done as an upgrade to our company". "It is worth the investment of time to get all the info imported into the system. It pays off. Going digital is where we knew we had to go for the future. It was time we bit the bullet and invested the time to make the change. We are now enjoying the fruits of our labor. Well worth the time preparing for the future with a system that can be modified and grow with us." "The possibilities are limitless to where this system can go and it can apply to almost any industry." "Utility Cloud is a great system, good people, working together to move into the future and always listening to our ideas to improve and bring in enhancements". We are very satisfied.

TCW Wastewater Management, Inc., NC, Owner

Utility Cloud provided a more cost effective means to accomplish the goal of data management and field inspections.

Town of Hillsborough, NC, Stormwater Program Manager

Utility Cloud makes it easy for any company or community to custom tailor the program to meet their needs, not to mention the exceptional customer service offered by every member of the Utility Cloud Team. Utility Cloud has helped the Town of Morehead City generate a more effective way of tracking not only utility work but also work done by our public works department. Utility Cloud has been instrumental in taking Morehead City to the next level of Customer Service.

Town of Morehead City, NC, Client Services Director

After the building of our 6-million dollar treatment plant here in Orleans, I spent years looking for and testing asset management, preventative maintenance software in order to be proactive rather than reactive with its upkeep. I fell upon Utility Cloud at a DEP training session and found what I had been looking for and so much more. The possibilities for what Utility Cloud can accomplish seem endless.

Town of Orleans, MA, Assistant Superintendent

Utility cloud is a great asset for managing Distribution and Collections Utility Systems. Utility Cloud lifts the burden of endless filing and searching for documentation of work history. In the water and wastewater maintenance world the Utility Cloud just makes sense. It is a mobile organized user friendly office. There is no more need for sticky notes or note pads. Very detailed work orders are effortlessly created and enable crews to perform high quality work and provide management with thorough documentation. Inspection and maintenance programs are no longer dreaded tasks, and when it is time to be inspected by State Officials you just log in and shine. I would be amiss if I failed to mention the highly knowledgeable and friendly Utility Cloud Support Team.

City of Graham, NC, Water and Sewer Distribution Superintendent

We really like the Utility Cloud program. For us the most important feature is how it allows us to schedule, track and verify accurate drinking water sample collection. Additionally, supervisors at a glance can learn the status of the monthly regulatory requirements as well as any other field water quality test results. The program has so many uses that can be customized for your needs. We have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities.

Town of Cary, NC, Chemist/Laboratory Supervisor

Key Features

Utility Cloud is intuitive and easy-to-use requiring very little support once implementation and training is completed. Our cloud-based system is very customizable and can be configured for each department to fit their needs. All data is accessible on ANY device using any modern browser. Work may be performed when online or when offline.

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