Changing how work is done.

Utility Cloud is an innovative web based mobile asset, operations, workforce and data management application that is highly customizable to meet a variety of organizational needs. We've combined the benefits of cloud and mobile technologies to provide always-on reliability using any device online or offline.

Utility Cloud can help you meet your workforce and asset management needs by providing proven solutions.

Increase Work Productivity

Easy to use forms for data collection and valuable information available in the field

  • View asset location on maps utilizing Google Maps
  • Work flows and reports are customizable
  • Perform work online or offline
  • View asset documentation (i.e. O&M Manuals, as-built, photos)
  • Simplified reporting

Minimal IT Support Required

No additional impact to your IT resources

  • No software or updates to install
  • No servers to maintain
  • Use on your own device
  • Seamless data exchange with GIS
  • Mass import/export of data to spreadsheets
  • Powerful RESTful API's for integration and reporting

Highly Customizable

Manage any asset based on your business requirements

  • Choose from standard list of assets or create your own
  • Community of similar business needs
  • Create and assign work orders
  • Generate reports using Google API


Your data security is important to us.

  • SSL encryption for all traffic between you and UtilityCloud
  • Data and systems mirrored in different regions
  • Application is virtualized to minimize potential down time
  • It's your data – available for download to localized storage

Low Cost, Subscription Based Service

Utility Cloud is available in a range of subscription plans to accommodate the workflow automation needs of any organization – however large or small. That way, you pay only for the features you use, and have the ability to scale your user base as well as add functionality as needed. As a subscription service, Utility Cloud is always current. There's never a need to download and install the latest version. Updates are done automatically behind the scenes, and each time you access the application, it is up-to-date and ready to go!


per month,
per user

For users who are looking to simply schedule data collection on assets using defined forms, with the ability to export data to Excel or text file.

per month,
per user

Quickly establish work and asset management programs that include real-time workforce and work order management with raw data reporting.

per month,
per user

Expand to dramatically increase efficiency by customizing and automating data reporting via email, fax, & postal delivery methods.

per month,
per user

Include the powerful Utility Cloud API, configure enterprise business systems and web sites to access real-time and historical data, as well as deploy work.