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Founded by municipal operational and automation experts with over 50 years of field expertise, Advanced Enterprise Systems Corporation (AESC) provides a single comprehensive and configurable platform that allows organizations to manage operations and maintain facilities across diverse divisions, departments and businesses. The system powers over 100 organizations and is seated as the highest value solutions available today.

AESC embraces diverse thinking styles to find solutions for you. We build high-performance teams from rock star talent. We seek answers that reflect our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance and service leadership within our company and through the software we release to our customers.


The Leading Operations Management Solution

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Ultimately, we are here for our customers. In our pursuit of knowledge and drive for results, AESC sets forth to exceed expectations and listens closely to your needs, to develop the clear customer focused system Utility Cloud. Honesty is the currency to show how much we value the relationships we build with our customers. Finding operational management solutions that put you first and increase the value and performance of your organization.

The genius of Utility Cloud operations and management systems has been helping municipalities and businesses improve productivity and centralize asset management since the genesis of cloud technology. Field workers can perform their work without the need of IT support; rendering current technology of GIS, cloud computing platforms, mobile devices, and 4G networks that make the Internet available virtually anywhere.

Our solutions simplify complex regulatory and business workflows by allowing field workers to collect data once, at its source, and automatically reporting it throughout the enterprise. In short, we share your commitment to deliver utility services as efficiently as possible by adapting the most proficient, user-friendly tools available.


Utility Cloud makes the services we depend on more dependable by understanding that our customer’s mission is to serve the needs of a larger community. We aspire to improve the conditions of our clients by making software that works smarter.

Putting our customers first, we drive for results and listen closely to your needs. There are few 100% solutions, AESC believes in honesty, being decisive, embracing diverse thinking and styles of problem-solving that reflect the customers we serve. Speed wins, that’s why we are a “lead by example” company with a passion for the pursuit of knowledge, being direct and avoiding long flashy presentations. We create the team that designs the trajectory for you to win.


Your organization has needs, and Utility Cloud is built to provide solutions. Don’t see a solution listed? Inquire here for a consultation on a customized management solution that meets your requirements and increases your team's productivity.


Our support experts are ready to guide you through the latest version of our powerful operations management solution.
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We provide a single, reliable platform that solves complex problems associated with operations management, here are a few of our fans.

"Utility Cloud has been the best tool in the box for our municipality. It has enabled us to organize, collect, share, and retrieve data like never before. The ability to manage and view assets and generate reports using any device at any location is successful for our operations. Our staff especially enjoys working with the UC personnel to develop the customized program that meets all our needs. UC exceeds our expectations."

Town of Sparta, NC

"It has been a pleasure working with Utility Cloud's staff. They have worked diligently to make our monthly reporting system simple. We appreciate the support and we recommend Utility Cloud to everyone."

Town of Clyde, NC

"Utility Cloud provided a more cost effective means to accomplish the goal of data management and field inspections."

Town of Hillsborough, NC

Utility Cloud