Software Services We Provide

At Utility Cloud, we are committed to creating the smartest, user-friendly tools available for managing your operations. Backed by superior customer support, we help our clients ensure the safety of their employees and the communities they serve.

We know first-hand the importance of the work you do. So whether you’re a small town or a large multi-national business, Utility Cloud is committed to partnering with you to keep your team safe, compliant and operating efficiently.

We are dedicated to providing the kind of support you deserve. To us, that means continually ensuring our system is easy to implement, use, adapt and grow. It also means that we are available to answer any questions you have, support your business goals and develop new ideas.

We deliver value to our clients through:
• Support and innovation
• Regulatory compliance
• User experience


  • 1. Assessment

    We gain an understanding of your goals, budgets, limitations, and overall “vision” by holding a scope of use workshop. This initial assessment can be conducted with an online meeting or a four-hour onsite workshop.

  • 2. Setup

    Set-up includes loading asset data and creating custom forms and reports. Utility Cloud is extremely customizable and can be configured by each department to fit your needs.

  • 3. Training

    Training begins with 4 to 6 hours of online training for your administrators and day-to-day users. Training is geared toward teaching users how to work and manage their account.

  • 4. Support

    Our implementation process has proven to be very user-friendly and most clients require little to no support after initial set up. Clients become experts in managing and expanding their own system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are licenses structured by number of individual login accounts or by number of concurrent users?

You may create as many user logins as desired without affecting your license fees. A single concurrent license is consumed when a user logs in once or more within a 24-hour period UTC 12:00 AM thru 11:59:59 PM UTC. For example, if your account has (10) users configured for access, but only three log in on a given day, your “concurrent user day” license count used is (3). Monthly count is calculated using the third highest “concurrent user days”.

What type of hardware or software is needed?

Utility Cloud is a cloud-based software; client servers are not utilized with our system and no additional hardware/software is required. For office use, a standard office PC with internet access is all you require. Most field staff are using an Apple iPad with or without a 4G data connection, however, this product is device independent and can operate on any HTML 5 compliant device using a modern browser including tablets, smartphones, and portable computers.

What are the training costs?

Web-based content is free including instructional videos and help system content. Web-based or onsite training is recommended for all new clients. Training typically takes 4 to 6 hours and can be scheduled in 1-2 hour blocks for administrators and end users. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

What are the implementation costs?

In some cases, training alone provides the skills needed to complete the implementation without our services. However, we are here to provide these services if desired. These costs can vary depending on the number of assets, system integrations, or complexity of forms/reports. For more details, contact us for a detailed quote.