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Embrace collaboration between various departments generating fluid exchanges of knowledge in our advanced system application. Increase efficiency in managing your operations and make your asset data work for you!

Feature Highlights

  • Tag and associate your assets with QR codes to quickly and easily access data; ensure work is done on the correct asset
  • All system changes are audited for security purposes
  • Trigger automated work orders or emails based on work results
  • Eliminate data entry errors with user friendly workflows
  • Customize your workflows to set parameters on data recorded
  • Verify the proximity of the location of assets being worked on
  • Increases efficiency of work being done among employees with Work Queues
  • Record signatures quick and easy with our electronic signature feature
  • Access historical data of each individual asset
  • Add photos to inspection forms and asset profiles
  • Quickly add assets online or offline
  • Walk-the-Line feature allows utility managers to direct crews to complete work on linear assets
  • Complete work orders and inspections in remote, disconnected areas

Configurable Compliance and Business Workflows

Paperless operations management saves time and money by reducing manual data entry errors, allowing workers to complete work order reports in the field, and providing real-time reports and analytics.

Improve Work Order Management with Utility Cloud – The Utility Cloud Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) provides an easy-to-use work order management solution for public works, utility, and service providers who need to oversee field service operations. Our cloud-based software is a cost-effective replacement for outdated paper-based and on premise computer systems.

Easily assign and manage paperless work orders – Visually track and view assets on a Google map. Icons identify assets and inspection or maintenance status. View workers in the field and even track their movements with GPS tracking.

Customizable work order forms – These “smart” forms can be filled in by workers in the field or automatically populated by data feeds from SCADA systems. Forms can be designed to follow best practices compliance and standard operating procedures.

Work order sequencing – Sequential work patterns (work must be done in a specific order) can be set-up in Utility Cloud. This feature directs field crews to work in a sequential order for increased productivity.

Walk-the-line – Creates workflows for linear assets like roadways, sewer pipes, or railroad tracks. Ensure work isn’t duplicated or missed. Reduces labor costs and improves productivity.

Roll-out workforce initiatives – Utility managers following effective utility management (EUM) practices can effectively roll out Preventative Maintenance (PM), Asset Management (AM), Regulatory Compliance (RC), and other best practices to proactively improve work procedures and reduce labor costs.

Improved Collaboration – Cloud-based reporting and analytics makes it easy to share information and collaborate with other operational departments (i.e., Health Department, Billing, etc.)


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