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Our powerful restful API allows seamless integration with other systems and processes. Bringing outside programs together supports the uniqueness that Utility Cloud holds by being the one central access point to data.

Feature Highlights

  • Machine Connect allows you to integrate your data with outside computer programs to create a central access point
  • Consume the application from around the world by geo-locating through Google Maps and translate to over 50 languages
  • Easy compatibility with GIS
  • Reliable and secure Cloud system built on the Amazon global infrastructure
  • Powerful Restful APIs allows business systems and applications to talk directly to Utility Cloud
  • Import and export assets via Shapefiles
  • Upload high resolution fly over imagery

Powerful Integration With Utility Cloud

Utility Cloud integrates with any major data source or software application to seamlessly fit into your existing workflow. Utility Cloud uses a universal Restful API to accept data from SCADA systems, GIS software, and enterprise software including billing, fleet maintenance, accounting, and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. Utility Cloud delivers secure and reliable integration with other business systems for requesting work, completing work, logging data, and querying asset and historical work data which allows companies to keep their existing business systems for minimal cost investment when upgrading to Utility Cloud. Machines and sensors (such as IoT and SCADA) are connected to Utility Cloud to obtain instructions autonomously and, while tolerating network and power outages, submit completed work back to Utility Cloud. This backup procedure ensures Utility Cloud users do not experience downtime that results in a loss of data or productivity.



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