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Stop spending hours generating and emailing manual reports. Our expert support staff will train administrators how to create professional digital reports, Interactive dashboards, and system analytics in real time. With Utility Cloud, simply click on a chart to view the underlying data. Utility Cloud offers easily customizable report exports using the tools that are already industry standards, like Excel and Google Sheets, so no added costs are added to the new software. And, your staff does not need to invest valuable time and resources into learning a reporting interface. Utility Cloud allows companies to build report templates that interact with the application in real-time and dynamically update data fields, and associate existing reports with workflows to automatically generate and publish new reports at the time work is completed. So critical data for business decisions and resource allocation is readily available. Save time and share knowledge by downloading and sharing asset class templates with other Utility Cloud organizations and users.

Feature Highlights

  • Use various Analytical Structures to visualize reporting data
  • Merge your data and customize your reports through Excel Add-In or Google Sheets
  • Streamline the distribution and completion of work orders
  • Explore Innovative Reporting Tools with Utility Cloud

Report generation is a breeze with Utility Cloud. Our customizable report generation system uses the power of Google Sheets or Excel to generate reports from the field automatically. These reports can be generated from data entry forms by workers or from data automatically generated by other sources through an API.

  • Generate reports with one click
  • Multiple ways to generate reports
  • Build reports with powerful search functionality
  • Generate reports from Integrated data feeds
  • Export report data for use in other software
  • Real-Time Integration with Google Sheets or Excel



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