Maintain your fleet.


Sign and Signal Maintenance

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to manage and access asset data. Features such as geo-locating, asset tagging, work scheduling, automated work triggers, and route mapping.

Pothole Repair

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to track and update repair status from the field in real-time. Features such as visual mapping, work route optimization, proximity verification, custom repair forms, and automated reporting help to increase efficiency and collect data for annual budgets.


Linear Asset Management

Precisely locate, work on, and report on linear assets. Do work alongside assets with real-time mapping – easier for the operator, with quality data for the enterprise.

Compliance Reporting

Automatically extract data from daily work to create & submit reports. You already have the data – from rounds, machines, and so on – we take the administrative burden out of organizing that data into reports. Further, we allow you to trigger alerts and other actions from non-compliance.

Analytic Dashboards

Set KPIs, monitor continuously, create trigger alerts and further actions. You should have full control of your KPIs, all at your fingertips and on the fly, from across any data source in your organization. We make this a reality in a user-friendly manner, with easy setup.

Unit Monitoring

Continuously monitor assets, set thresholds, create alerts, gather insights. Make your instrumentation virtual, without any coding needed on the back end. Pull all your data from sensors, machines, and people into one place in real-time with robust capabilities to adjust the measures that matter to you.

Manage contractors

Assign permissions across your organization and across contractors. Give each party only the data and action they need to do their job – you decide what that looks like. We have over 200 permissions capabilities so that you can manage a complex system of contractors and subcontractors. Setup is simple.