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A Powerful Public Water System Operations Management Platform

Utility Cloud’s scalable, real-time operations management solution allows you to easily find, inspect and repair water assets in order to ensure regulatory compliance and plan for capital expenditures.

Compliance with asset management regulations is no small feat. Your crews are required to inspect and repair a significant number of assets while ensuring compliance with varying state and federal regulations. Traditional water department methods of paper management and patched together systems can waste countless team hours, put communities at risk and do not provide the key data points that allow you to save money through better resource and asset management.

With Utility Cloud, everyone on your team knows what assets require inspection, when they need to be completed and, through geo-location, exactly where those assets are located.

Plus, you can easily segment people, assets, work and features to simplify, secure and optimize your user access. By creating roles based on your segmentation, you get to define who gets access to what. This simplifies the view that your field teams and contractors see, providing only information they need to perform their work more efficiently. User roles also reduce the potential for error and protect sensitive information. These features allow you to have a real-time, complete picture of managed assets and regulatory and maintenance initiatives across the enterprise.

As a true partner to our water customers, we assist management teams establish goals and objectives to improve their community’s treatment and distribution system. Our easy-to-implement cloud-based solution is cost-effective and available anytime and anywhere to your teams in the field. And, Utility Cloud is backed by superior customer support. Our team understands the importance of clean water in your community.

Utility Cloud GIS, CMMS and Asset Management Convergance
Utility Cloud Operational Management

Gain Insight with Robust Asset Management Tools

When your program manager opens Utility Cloud via their computer, tablet or phone, they have a real-time view of current assets being addressed and open and completed work orders. They can also view all historical data in the system and generate robust reports for deeper insight and smarter decision-making.

Your inspection and repair crews also have access to information that is relevant to them including the history of an asset.

Simplify Workflow with Computerized Maintenance Management

Anything hooked into Utility Cloud—your inspection crews, control systems, devices, sensors, web services and enterprise systems—can immediately flag a suspected issue and automatically generate a workorder for an upstream investigation or repair crew. All inspection and repair information is stored in Utility Cloud and available in real-time. Once the work is complete, compliance reports may be triggered automatically or manually with the click of a button.

Reduce Inefficiency with Precise Asset Location Information

With Utility Cloud, the entire team can leverage the system’s geo-location features to easily find the asset that requires attention. Program managers can view progress and crew locations in real-time.

“Utility Cloud is a turn-key system that makes it easy to get started. They provided training, support and templates from other towns that we used as a starting point. Instead of having to pay someone to do all the work for you and make changes, you have the control to add programs, assets and users.”

Al Robertson, Utilities Maintenance Supervisor and Joel Lashley, Utility Systems Supervisor, Hillsborough, NC

At a Glance, Utility Cloud Features and Benefits

Utility Cloud Offers:

  • Enterprise-scale, customizable, real-time information
  • Segmentation of people, work, assets and features based on role
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Stand-alone technology or connected to IoT devices and 3rd party applications
  • Scalable, cloud-based solution on highly-secure AWS (Amazon Web Servers) located globally
  • Comprehensive release and testing plans with regular updates based on user needs
  • Multi-language capabilities (English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese)

Utility Cloud Benefits:

  • Save time and money. Real-time information of every asset and crew member, on any  device provides simplified scheduling, reduced mistakes and greater efficiency.
  • Make a greater impact. Historical and current data allows program managers to identify  problem areas and invest their capital budgets wisely.
  • Stay current and compliant. A scalable cloud platform and frequent software updates  ensure alignment with changing regulatory, infrastructure and industry needs.
  • Be confident in data security and compliance. AWS data centers are built to meet the  requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. And, with Utility Cloud servers  on virtually every continent, data storage complies with local and regional regulations.
  • Leverage One Solution. Simplify many work and asset management compliance  programs into one powerful platform.

Utility Cloud is committed to creating the smartest, user-friendly tools available enabling our clients to deliver efficient, compliant services to the communities they serve.

No other solution offers insight like Utility Cloud.