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A simple, single source for operations management

The simplicity of Utility Cloud’s interface makes it possible for users with any level of technical expertise—and in a variety of languages—to use the platform with ease. The platform eliminates the need for your time and resources to be put into training and error detection and correction. With no apps to install and update, Utility Cloud is always on and up-to-date from any computer, phone or tablet, helping you meet your goals and streamline operations.

Utility Cloud GIS, CMMS and Asset Management Convergance

Track anything that requires monitoring, assessment, repair, cleaning and data capture

An asset in Utility Cloud can be any physical object that requires monitoring, assessment, repair, cleaning and data capture—from pipes to vehicle fleets to park trails to buildings. The platform allows your organization to easily create, update and access all asset information from anywhere, using any modern tablet, phone or computer with a browser. This ensures that your database is always current and your team is working efficiently.

The platform offers you powerful search, tagging, and mapping features through an easy-to-understand visual interface. Asset details are displayed in a color-coded map that allows users to know, at a glance, if inspection, maintenance or cleaning is required and where they need to go. By clicking into an asset, teams can know exactly what work has been done, needs to be done, who the work is assigned to and what steps to follow.

Utility Cloud Track Anything

Utility Cloud Operations Management Checklist

  • Advanced zoom in features to maps, floor plans or machine schematics
  • Precise asset location information and status shown in a color-coded visual map
  • Detailed asset information such as manufacturer, condition, date installed, approved equipment suppliers, pictures, videos and manuals
  • Real-time user location tracking
  • Individual user logins with role-based customizable permission settings ensure individuals see only what you want them to see
  • Works offline when internet access is not available
  • Historical data for complete work history information, scheduling and reporting
  • Data from many sources—people, internet-connected devices and 3rd party systems

Work more efficiently

Utility Cloud optimizes operations management by allowing your team to easily assign and manage scheduled and unscheduled work on specific assets or entire classes of assets for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, automated workflows can begin from a specific trigger that schedules work and notifies the correct people. This allows you to quickly and effectively rollout preventative maintenance, asset management, regulatory compliance initiatives and unscheduled service or repair requests.

Utility Cloud makes it possible to proactively and automatically track progress, forecast success, and adjust before errors and failures occur. This allows you to constantly optimize work procedures and adjust workflows based on lessons learned.

Utility Cloud’s “Workflows” are smart forms that are easy to create and use. They ensure quality and consistency when your team or devices are capturing operational data such as resources used, statistics on work performed and other important information.

Utility Cloud Workflow Checklist

Workflows are customized to your organization based on rules that make sense for your team. They can:

  • Show data entry fields as needed
  • Define real-time message popups
  • Display and map a user’s proximity to an asset
  • Present historical work and asset attribute data
  • Preview and compare data historically before submission
  • Provide references to outside resources, enabling real-time data analysis for process improvement
  • Remove manual effort with automatically triggered events based on platform data via email or text
  • Trigger notifications and work orders based on user entries or outside system data
Utility Cloud Work More Efficiently

Insightful decision-making and compliance reporting

Utility Cloud offers a consistent way for you to analyze your assets. You can use the real-time and historical data generated on site by all of your teams and devices to create reports for decision-making, forecasting or compliance with the push of a button.

Utility Cloud integrates with industry standard tools—like Excel, Cityworks® and Google Sheets—so no added costs are required for reporting. Plus, your staff does not need to invest time and resources into learning a new platform.

Utility Cloud Features Reporting

Utility Cloud Reporting Checklist

  • Build report templates that access data in real-time in order to have the most current information for the report
  • Associate existing reports with workflows to automatically publish and distribute new reports at the time work is completed for smarter business decisions and resource allocation
  • Stay compliant with current and future regulations
  • Seamless integration with Google Apps and Office 365 for powerful real-time data manipulation at scale for best-practice reporting

Easy to set up, use and change without significant costs

One of the benefits of Utility Cloud is its ease of use. It requires little to no vendor and IT support once your setup and training is complete. Setup usually occurs within the first week of a signed contract with the initial training to follow shortly after. Most clients are performing operational functions immediately after training. But, if you do have a question, we have a world-class customer support team here to help.

Unlike other systems that require you to pay to make changes, Utility Cloud allows your authorized users to make changes through the admin setup. You can easily customize the platform to restrict your users access to only the assets, work, people and features that they need. Robust connectivity can pull data from people, control systems, devices, sensors, 3rd party software and much more for a truly powerful set of data. The platform does not require your assets to be in GIS, however it can work hand in hand with an existing GIS system to keep records current and enhance GIS data.

Utility Cloud is committed to creating the smartest, user-friendly tools available enabling our clients to deliver efficient, compliant services to the communities they serve.

No other solution offers insight like Utility Cloud.


Our support experts are ready to guide you through the latest version of our powerful operations management solution.