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Utility Cloud mapping features

Interactive geospatial mapping features enable administrators and field workers to reach optimal performance in areas such as asset and work management. Powerful search and filtering tools help users visualize assets, schedule, complete and assign work. Quickly create assets, schedule work and increase workforce mobility and efficiency in the field.

Visualize your assets and manage work using powerful mapping features.


Utility Cloud offers a unique set of geospatial mapping features to visualize assets and work on a highly interactive map using powerful search and filtering capabilities. Our map is a simple, yet powerful tool used to manage and create assets. The map also provides visual cues to monitor and view the work being performed. Utility Cloud integrates with GIS and also has native mapping capabilities. Assets can be added in bulk through integration with GIS or via import of asset location data (street address or latitude/longitude).

Powerful search tools to increase visibility and work efficiency.

Work Queues

Quickly access and view assigned work queues, including any work assigned to specific assets or groups of assets.

Search Assets

Powerful search filtering allows users to search for specific assets, asset classes or any number of asset attributes.


Routes allow you to group assets, schedule work, and arrange for work to be performed against those assets in a certain priority to increase efficiency.


Visualize and orchestrate sequential workflows to ensure that complex work processes are completed in a specific order.

Linear Progression

Visualize real-time progress on linear assets such as roads, fence lines, and pipelines requiring a proximity verification when performing work.

Nearest Asset

Quickly view the asset in closest proximity to your current position without leaving the current map view.

Nearest Assets

Quickly view all nearby assets within the closest proximity to your current location without leaving the current map view.

Nearby Work

Quickly view all nearby work without leaving the current view of the map. This is extremely helpful to those people performing work in the field.

What can you do with the map?

Create/edit assets

Users may create, view and edit assets quickly using our native mapping capabilities and user-friendly mapping tools.

Update Map Layers

Selected asset classes and attributes may be added to the map as color-coded layers for better map view visualization.

Change Themes

Configurable map themes allow users to easily configure color schemes, changing between light and dark map themes.

Adjust Views

Multiple view options to quickly change between map, street and satellite views. Adjust zoom, pan, pitch, and heading.

Create/view work

Dynamically update the map based on the asset attributes or criteria most important to you. Quickly access information on the map to identify what work is due and when.

Create Routes

Organize and manage work directly from the map using the route creation tool. Identify or manage issues on the fly using multiple selection tools to quickly add assets to a route.

Perform Work

Multiple map filters allow users to quickly view assigned work, open and completed work orders on the map to ensure work compliance and efficiency.

View Sequential Work

View work sequences in a list as well as on the map. Quickly validate and complete work in a specific order – easily review completed work percentage in real-time.

Select Assets

Multiple selection tools can be used to group assets for route or list creation. Draw lines, polygons, create a radius and export to excel.

Perform Work Offline

HTML 5 architecture allows users to view asset data and perform work offline. Work can be saved and synced once internet access is re-established.

Show Weather

Choose multiple map layers to show radar, weather reports, and alerts. Display weather conditions and forecast data such as temperature, humidity and more.

Create Custom Filters

Create custom search filters to quickly view a collection of assets based on your own criteria. Select assets from accounts or work queues while on the map.

Mapping features to increase productivity in the field.

Saved Searches

Saved searches give users the ability to save search results for future reference and faster load speeds. Visualize saved search results fast with aved searches allow users to load more data faster in the map.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking in the map empowers your team with location monitoring of any sensor or device. Data is updated in real time resulting in more accurate information and work compliance.

Asset Management

Native mapping capabilities allow users to add or update assets directly using the map while in the field without leaving the map view.

Work Optimization

Create, organize, schedule and quickly view work directly from the map view. Work status is updated in real time giving stakeholders complete visibility.

Mapping & Visualization

The map helps you visualize assets and organize work so your team can make better decisions, increase efficiency, and take appropriate action.

View Schematics

Augmented reality, zoom in feature allows users to click through an asset to view child assets such as schematics, blueprints, floor plans and more.

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