Software Integrations

We use the latest web technology to make powerful third-party software integrations.

Asset data may be sent and updated directly from ArcGIS to Utility Cloud. Shapefiles may also be imported into Utility Cloud to create new assets or update existing asset information. Shapefiles may also be exported out of Utility Cloud and imported back into ArcGIS.

Google Apps

Utility Cloud integrates with Google Drive, a cloud storage service using Google Docs and Google sheets to generate standard and custom reports. Once a report is generated, it can be emailed automatically as a pdf attachment and stored on assets records for historical purposes.

Microsoft Excel

Our Excel Add-in allows you to connect your Excel workbooks to Utility Cloud allowing users to consume historical work data based on your selected criteria. Data can be validated and then synced back into Utility Cloud without ever leaving Excel.

Utility Cloud uses “machine connect” (MC) application as a middleware to collect data from local enterprise systems (sensors, SCADA, DCS, and other hardware/software). Data is collected in Utility Cloud for analysis, reporting. Automatic work orders and emails can be triggered if data is out of range.

Itron’s provides technology solutions related to smart products and services that measure and analyze electricity, gas and water consumption. This data can be imported directly into Utility Cloud for analysis, reporting, as well as preventative maintenance, work order, and meter replacement management.

HACH developed a WIMS to Utility Cloud integration off the Utility Cloud API to gather operational data from Utility Cloud, collected through workflow reports. Anything from rounds to lab results, Utility Cloud serves as a mobile data collection platform for data entry to WIMS.


Utility Cloud has an open API that allows it to communicate and interact with other business systems. One of those systems, QS1 is a software that helps utilities of all sizes handle their billing needs.