Corrosion Control Inspections

A proactive approach allows corrosion issues to be remedied before the onset of major failure. A mobile cloud-based solution manages corrosion control effectively by allowing visualization of pipeline locations and inspection status in real time, while automatically issuing work orders based on results. All pipeline data and history is stored for future reference and may be accessed at any time from any mobile device. Historical data may be used to determine year to year changes in corrosion and pipe degradation, and assist in capital cost planning.

  • Visualize gas pipeline pipes and valve locations on digital maps.
  • Upload and store inspection photos and videos.
  • Identify problem areas and plan accordingly for necessary repairs.
  • Automatically trigger work orders based on inspection results.
  • Define custom data on pipeline such as diameter, material, etc.
  • View real-time location status of field workers on a┬ádigital map.
  • Ensure work is completed at the reported location.
  • Gather compliance information as the work is conducted.
  • Automatically generate custom reports.
  • Store inspection and maintenance history.

Natural Gas Industry

Energy Sector

Corrosion Control Inspections

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to collect, manage and review historical data. Features such as visual mapping, work scheduler, work routes, proximity verification, custom forms and automated reporting help to increase response times, efficiency and preventative maintenance.