FOG Inspections and Sewer Infrastructure Solutions

The safest and most efficient Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Inspection programs start with a sound plan that maps out what needs to be inspected and where the facility is located. A robust operations management solution with GIS, such as Utility Cloud, can simplify the management of a FOG Inspection program.

Utility Cloud allows your team to do the following:

  • Know what locations require inspections and the exact location of the facility
  • See all locations and inspection status in real time
  • Add or update FOG interceptor status on the fly
  • Use proximity verification to know exactly where work crews are located
  • Instantly trigger work orders and inspection reports
  • Quickly generate and send compliance reports
  • Supply an easy to understand report that shows compliance status—including any actions that need to be taken
  • Reduce the amount of time they spend on FOG inspections by up to 40%

Wastewater Industry

Public/Private Utilities

FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) Inspections and Sewer Infrastructure Solutions

Utility Cloud features such as mapping, proximity verification, work triggers and automated reporting can be used to optimize work and compliance reporting.

  • Keep all departments within the municipality—plumbing inspection, health department, etc. —on the same page.
  • Schedule and document FOG inspections.
  • Provide instant inspection results including approvals, corrective action steps, and pictures.
  • Schedule follow up inspections when necessary.