Gas Leak Survey

Investigating potential leaks found while completing a gas leak survey are crucial in keeping the public safe while ensuring compliance with DOT regulations. With Utility Cloud, when a gas leak is detected an automatic gas leak investigation and/or repair is triggered ensuring public safety. The mobile platform ensures the accuracy of data and stores history of leak survey information for future reference while eliminating paperwork and lost documents. This results in reduced time and costs for reporting and audit preparation. Visual asset mapping makes potential problem areas within the gas line distribution system easily identifiable, allowing management to make educated decisions for capital improvement projects.

  • Visualize the leak survey walk route with pipeline data.
  • Pinpoint the location of leaks found.
  • Status of the survey is displayed in real-time.
  • Automatically trigger follow-up investigation or repair when a leak is found.
  • Add custom pipeline data such as coating type, steel type, etc.
  • View real-time location of field workers.
  • Use proximity verification to ensure work is completed at the right location.
  • Custom forms ensure data is accurately recorded.
  • Automatically schedule gas leak surveys and trigger work orders.
  • Reduce paperwork by gathering compliance data as the work is conducted.
  • Automatically generate custom reports.
  • Complete audit trail of all the leak survey information.

Natural Gas Industry

Energy Sector

Gas Leak Survey

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to collect, manage and review historical data. Features such as visual mapping, work scheduler, work routes, proximity verification, custom forms and automated reporting help to increase response times, efficiency and preventative maintenance.