Inflow and Infiltration

Inflow and infiltration (I & I) inspections are performed to ensure groundwater isn’t illicitly entering a sanitary sewer system. The best approach to reducing and controlling the amount of I & I in a system is by assessing the current state of your sewer assets, using methods such as smoke testing and videoing sewer lines to see where the problem areas are, and developing a routine inspection to monitor the sewer system. I & I inspections are designed to take a pro-active approach to sewer system inspections, identifying potential issues, and correcting them before they develop into costly repairs. Annual inspections maximize the longevity of the asset and ensure public safety. Effectively managing your sanitary sewer system using a cloud-based operations management system will assist you in taking proactive measures to improve performance levels of your sewer systems. These inspections further a community’s reinvestment into their wastewater infrastructure and assist with projection planning for rehabilitation and repair projects.

Utility Cloud allows your team to do the following:

  • Visualize locations of all sewer lines, manholes and lift stations.
  • View real-time location status of field inspectors.
  • Maintain quality control with proximity verification.
  • Track I & I inspection status with standard compliance reports.
  • Automatically trigger work orders based on inspection results.
  • Ensure inspections are completed correctly with proximity verification.
  • Understand I & I inspections with detailed reporting and analytics.

Wastewater Industry

Public/Private Utilities

Inflow and Infiltration (I&I)

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to access all sewer lines, manholes and lift station information. Features such as visual mapping, automated work triggers, proximity verification, and automated standard compliance reporting.

  • Improve performance levels of your sewer systems.
  • Gain insight for projection planning of rehabilitation and repair projects.