Sign and Signal Maintenance

Utility Cloud’s competent operations system appropriates all necessary data that easily manages and maintains all municipal signs. Users can geo-locate a sign, see the total number of signs and their location, set MUTCD type, record reflectometry and collect additional data (picture, direction faced, etc.). Inspections may be scheduled, and results are saved in the history of the asset for future reference. Based on results, the system may trigger an automatic work order or email to appropriate personnel.

  • Geo-locate all roadway signs and inspection status in real-time
  • Update sign attributes such as MUTCD type on the fly
  • Schedule routine inspections and automatically trigger work orders
  • Centrally store and share work results and inspection history
  • Use asset tags to ensure inspections are done on the correct signs
  • Access sign and signal work lists based on asset attributes
  • Optimize time and distance traveled by mapping inspection routes

Transportation Industry

Public Transportation (DOT)

Sign and Signal Maintenance

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to manage and access asset data. Features such as geo-locating, asset tagging, work scheduling, automated work triggers, and route mapping.