Water Valve Exercising

Ensuring that your valves are working properly BEFORE a major event occurs is critical. Inaccessible or inoperable valves can lead to longer repair times and an increase in affected customers, water loss, repair costs, and property damage—ultimately leaving you to deal with angry customers and staff. Managing valve exercising with spreadsheets (or knowledge that is only in one senior team member’s head) increases your risk of inaccessible or inoperable valves when you need them most.

As a Water Manager, you understand the important role valve exercising plays in your overall water program. However, you may be faced with common challenges such as how to:

  • Prioritize which valves are most important and most likely needed
  • Ensure valves are being maintained at the proper frequency
  • Reduce the time it takes to manage field service personnel and contractors and assign work orders
  • Ease the burden of completing and retrieving paper-based work orders and manually generating reports

Water Industry

Public/Private Utilities

Water Valve Exercising

Utility Cloud will simplify your valve exercising programs. Workers can view asset data and valve information directly from any computer or mobile device. Managers can track completed work in real time, sending reports and work orders in a matter of minutes.