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Athletic Field Maintenance

Upload shapefiles from GIS with Utility Cloud to visualize athletic fields.

Athletic fields are used year-round to accommodate sports. Most athletic fields are maintained by a local government’s parks and recreation department or private organizations. Utility Cloud is a cloud-based operations management system that assists organizations with managing and inspecting turf, fields, seating, lighting, facilities, and equipment are in good and safe conditions.


Athletic fields incur normal wear-and-tear from frequent use, inclement weather, pests, and the overall aging of the facility. Failure to inspect and properly manage these fields can result in safety hazards, increase in liability to the organization, and costly repairs.


Athletic Fields need to be maintained properly to reduce the risk of liability and ensure they are providing a safe playing environment for the community. Taking a proactive approach to maintaining athletic fields will reduce liability while allowing organizations to project costs for maintenance and improve the quality of recreation. Utility Cloud enables Management and field inspectors to visualize the locations of their athletic fields, view the inspection status and field attributes, and access any stored photos, videos, streamlining the inspection process of athletic fields. Custom work forms ensure the accuracy of the information recorded while producing automatic work orders based on inspection results. All historical data is stored for future reference.


  • View location of athletic fields on a digital map
  • View, add or update customizable athletic field attributes (turf type, equipment, facility information) on the fly
  • Proximity verification feature ensures work is completed in the correct field
  • Custom inspection forms ensure accuracy of information recorded
  • Automatically trigger work orders or emails based on inspection results
  • Analyze status of assets with customized reports and dashboards
  • Generate custom notices and reports via email, mail or fax


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