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Local Government Industry

Building Inspections

Automatically trigger work orders and reports.

Building inspections are performed pre-and post-construction to ensure public health and structural integrity, in accordance with the current building codes and regulations. These codes outline fire prevention, plumbing, mechanical and electrical regulations. Easily tracking inspections and compliance information using Utility Cloud’s cloud-based solution that can customize inspection forms to display all vital information needed during an inspection.


Failure to perform pre-and post-building inspections can result in an unsound structure, increase the risk of rapid structural deterioration, and can lead to collapse, flood, or electrical fire. These risks can result in personal injury and property loss.


Building Inspections are performed to ensure structures are safe, reliable and to ensure these structures follow the enforced building codes. Preventative maintenance can reduce risk to one’s safety, prevent property loss, and prolong the life of any building structure. Using Utility Cloud to perform building inspections is a proactive approach to reducing liability identifying potential issues and resolving them before they arise. Management and building inspectors can easily access and visualize all of their building assets and inspection status in real-time and provide organizations with up-to-date information. Maintenance work orders and follow up inspections are automatically being triggered based on inspection results. Custom work forms record historical inspection data to assess the condition of the building structure.


  • Visualize location of building assets and inspection status in real-time
  • Optimize time and distance traveled by efficiently mapping inspection routes
  • View, add and update the status of the building attributes (condition, year built, etc.) on the fly
  • Verify work is completed at the correct building
  • Customized forms ensure accuracy of recorded information
  • Automatically trigger maintenance work orders or follow-up inspections based on previous inspection results
  • Automatically generate custom inspection reports to be mailed or emailed to the appropriate stakeholders
  • Attach inspection videos, photos, SOP’s, and as-built drawings to the building record


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