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Stormwater Industry

Catch Basin Maintenance

Catch basins are storm sewer inlets that filter out debris such as leaves and litter. They can be found along street curbsides, parking lots, and within low areas of land. The basins are used to collect rainwater and debris to distribute into drainage pipes that flows directly into local waterways such as creeks, lakes, and oceans.


Failure to perform and maintain regularly scheduled catch basin inspections and cleanings could result in dramatic effects in the low levels of service in the wastewater system, and have a negative impact on the public health. Debris may also enter into the stormwater drainage system and overflow into the streets and parking lots.


Inspecting the stormwater system periodically and evaluating where problems might occur allows utilities to take a proactive approach to prevent problems before they arise. Inspecting and cleaning catch basins is the primary preventative maintenance step that can be incorporated into a successful Capacity Management Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) program. Managing your CMOM program using a cloud-based operations and asset management system will save you and your staff time and money, eliminate management inefficiencies and ensure the best management practices are being facilitated. Schedule and complete inspections, cleanings, follow-up repairs and access historical data anywhere and on any modern device.


  • Visualize locations and status of catch basins in real-time
  • Schedule and complete routine inspections and cleanings
  • Centralized access of asset data
  • Complete work history captured for audit trail
  • Proximity verification verifies location of work crews
  • Compliance reports automatically generated
  • Automatically trigger catch basin work orders
  • Generates custom compliance reports


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