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Natural Gas Industry

Gas Leaks Reported by Public

Pinpoint leaks and automatically triggers an inspection.

When public gas leaks or odors are reported, each call needs to be investigated for corrective action to be identified. Utility Cloud issues an immediate visual report of the status of the gas leak. A follow-up is automatically triggered. As the work is conducted, compliance information is uploaded, reducing audit preparation time, paperwork and costs.


A prime example of a natural gas leak may be caused by a fatuously connected appliance (such as a stove or dryer). Because of the flammable nature of natural gas, a spark or open flame could result in fire or an explosion.


Using a mobile platform to accrue important information saves time in dispatching investigative personnel quickly as well as advising callers on potential evacuation protocols, keeping the public safe while ensuring compliance with DOT regulations. Since all data is readily available on any device, Utility Cloud eliminates paperwork and lost documents ensuring each gas leak is investigated, follow ups and status updates are automatically launched, and all data is stored for future reference improving customer service


  • Visualize the leak survey walk route with pipeline data
  • Pinpoint location of leaks found
  • Display survey status in real time
  • Automatically trigger follow-up gas leak investigation or repair
  • Add custom pipeline data such as coating type, steel type, etc.
  • Use Proximity Verification to view location status of field workers in real-time
  • Generates custom forms and reports
  • Automatically schedule gas leak surveys and trigger work orders
  • Send reports via email
  • Gather compliance information as the work is conducted
  • Generate custom reports automatically
  • Complete audit trail of leak survey information


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