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Water Industry

Conventional and Unidirectional (Distribution) Hydrant Flushing

The color, taste and odor of the water in your community can be impacted by the accumulation of silt, rust, debris, or stagnant water.  And, in extreme cases, the water sitting in pipes for a long period of time or located further out from the treatment plant can become dangerous to your community’s health. The quality of your water lies, in part, with your ability to manage the workflow and processes of hydrant flushing.  Spreadsheets and water system knowledge that is only in one senior team member’s head increase your risk of tainted water and decrease safety.

As a Water Manager, you understand the important role Hydrant Flushing plays in your overall water program. However, you may be faced with common challenges such as how to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to manage field service personnel and contractors and assigning work orders
  • Avoid deteriorating infrastructure and costly capital upgrades due to poor or incomplete maintenance of existing fire hydrants, valves, and pipes
  • Ease the burden of completing and retrieving paper-based work orders and manually generating reports

You can increase the success, safety and compliance of your Hydrant Flushing program by using industry best practices and a proven operations management solution. In fact, the right operations management solution can save you time AND money.

The safest and most efficient Hydrant Flushing programs start with a sound plan for frequency, time(s) of year, scheduling and customer notification. A robust operations management solution, such as Utility Cloud, can simplify the management of a hydrant flushing program.

  • Know what hydrants need attention
  • Visualize the locations of hydrants, valves, and mains
  • Identify if a valve status is open or closed
  • Know which water mains are being flushed
  • Import a pre-defined flushing sequence schedule
  • Tag assets for improved quality control
  • Track proximity to the asset to verify the location of your field crews
  • Record water loss from flushing
  • Record water quality before and after flushing
  • Follow a step by step guide to isolate a water main
  • Generate custom hydrant inspection reports

Unidirectional flushing requires an even greater attention to detail. Your water department must be organized to ensure your team knows how to isolate the part of the system being worked on from the water main to ensure system stability. An operations management system can empower you to:

  • Stay organized. Record the water pressure and quality before and after flushing and record the chlorine, pressure and turbidity data right in the field.
  • Account for water loss. Record the amount of water loss from hydrant flushing to help you understand where your water is going.
  • Allow more team members to participate. Step by step guides with geolocation allow your operations management system to become your veteran team member, mentoring younger employees on how to isolate a section for safe flushing.
  • Easily create regulatory reports. With all the data recorded and stored in the system, reports can be generated with the click of a button.
  • Enterprise-wide, real-time information
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Stand-alone technology or an open API for integration with current work order management and other systems
  • A scalable, cloud-based solution on highly-secure AWS (Amazon Web Servers) located globally
  • Multi-language capabilities (English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese)
  • Save time and money. Real-time information of every asset and crew member, on any device provides simplified scheduling, reduced mistakes and greater efficiency.
  • Make a greater impact. Historical and current data allows program managers to identify problem areas and invest capital budgets wisely.
  • Stay current and compliant. A scalable cloud platform and frequent software updates ensure alignment with changing regulatory, infrastructure and industry needs.
  • Be confident in data security and compliance. AWS data centers are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. And, with Utility Cloud servers on virtually every continent, data storage complies with local and regional regulations.
  • Leverage One Solution. Simplify many work and asset management compliance programs into one powerful platform.

Utility Cloud is committed to delivering the smartest, user-friendly tools available enabling our water clients to deliver efficient, compliant services to the communities they serve.

No other solution offers insight like Utility Cloud. In a nutshell, Utility Cloud helps you keep your community safe.


Our support experts are ready to guide you through the latest version of our powerful operations management solution.
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