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Natural Gas Industry

Master Meter Inspection

Update master meter records on the fly

Gas master meter systems are small intrastate gas distribution systems providing natural gas purchased from local gas utilities. Utility Cloud streamlines the meter inspection process by mapping the location of all master meter systems, displaying real-time inspections status, and automatically, issuing maintenance work orders based on inspection results and logging the historical data.


Inadequately maintained master meter systems may result in injuries, death, and expensive property damage. Corrosion control, cathodic protection, leak surveys, emergency plans, and records preparation and maintenance are some of the more frequently cited violations of the Minimum Federal Safety Standards.


Inspection is important for maintaining master meter systems while providing a key opportunity for safety regulators to work with gas pipeline system operators to identify and correct problems before they can cause an accident. Utility Cloud streamlines visual asset maps displays the location of all the master meter systems with their real-time inspections status. Maintenance work orders based on inspection results can automatically be issued, and all history on each master meter system is recorded for future reference. O&M manuals and any other important information (such as the number of customers the system serves, the length of underground or exterior piping) related to the master meter are easily accessible on any mobile device.


  • Add and update master meters on the fly while out in the field
  • Visualize the locations of the meters and real-time inspection status
  • Note important attributes or characteristics for each metering system
  • View real-time location status of inspectors
  • Trigger maintenance work orders based on inspection results
  • Send all notices and reports via email, mail or fax
  • Record information as work is conducted, reducing paperwork and improving compliance reporting efforts
  • Generate custom reports automatically
  • Tag regulators and relief valves with QR codes for easy data access


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