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Parks & Recreation Industry

Playground Inspections

Utility Cloud improves playground maintenance operations with performance-based workflows.

Public playgrounds may be found anywhere where the public is allowed access. Properly inspecting and maintaining playgrounds is extremely important in keeping children safe. Utility Cloud allows organizations to keep up with their routine inspections and issue work orders if repairs are needed. By storing historical inspection data and repair information on their playgrounds, Utility Cloud also limits liability.


Many states now require all new public playground equipment is NPSI certified playground inspected before open to the public to ensure the safety of children. Playgrounds are then inspected frequently to ensure they remain in a safe condition for children.


Inspections identify safety hazards, ensuring mitigating the dangers playgrounds pose to children. In the unfortunate event that an injury occurs in your playground area, it is important to have an inspection report on file to prove that you were not negligent in the upkeep of the playground. Utility Cloud provides the immediate visualization of locations of public playgrounds and the compiled historical inspection records to the public health and recreation departments. Customized forms ensure the accuracy of information entered. Follow up work and notifications are automatically issued based on inspections results. Compliance reports are automatically emailed or faxed to the designated stakeholders. When playground inspections are contracted out, Utility Cloud allows the public health department to set up an external login quickly. Contractors may complete all the inspections in Utility Cloud where they may be referenced in the future with all historically stored on the playground.


  • View public playgrounds on accessible digital map
  • View playground inspection status in real-time
  • Add or update customizable playground attributes on the fly
  • Use asset tags to access playground data and ensure inspections are correctly completed
  • Use proximity verification to view real-time location status of field workers
  • Custom playground inspection forms ensure accuracy of recorded data
  • Schedule inspections and automatically trigger work orders or emails based on results
  • Automatically generate custom reports
  • Set-up contractors with Utility Cloud access to complete inspections and work orders


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