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Pothole Repair

Add or update work orders on the fly

A pothole is the collapse of asphalt by the presence of water in the underlying soil, creating large, damaging pockets in public roadways. Utility Cloud helps to manage pothole repairs by visually mapping the logistical sequence of potholes to optimize time and distance traveled.


One-third of approximately 33,000 traffic fatalities a year are a result of poor roadway conditions. Potholes not only pose a safety hazard for travelers, but they can also contribute to the wear and tear on vehicles including tire punctures, premature wear on shocks and engine damage.


A proactive approach to managing pothole repairs ensures the safety of travelers and vehicles. Efficient pothole management decreases the Department of Transportation (DOT) or local community liability and ensures the roadways are safe for passengers reducing detrimental impacts to vehicles. Utility Cloud is a cloud-based platform that immediately schedule repairs, assists field technicians with mapping out their work, time and distance traveled to pothole locations. Utility Cloud encompasses standard and custom reports to assist management with tracking the degradation of roadways and budgeting for capital improvement projects. Management has instant access to historical, cost and repair data.


  • Visualize and track potholes on digital map
  • Track and update repair status from field in real-time
  • Optimize time and distance traveled by efficiently mapping repair routes
  • Use proximity verification to ensure repairs are completed at correct location
  • Customized repair forms ensure the accuracy of recorded information
  • Automated compliance reports and dashboards to understand costs and status of repairs
  • Send all notices and reports via email, mail or fax


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