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Electric Industry

Power Transformer Management

Improve field service productivity with Utility Cloud’s asset and data management tools.

Power transformers are vital in delivering high voltages of electricity, greater than 33 KV, to various applications. Utility Cloud is an innovative visual aid locating transformers, assessing the current state of their transformer assets, and managing routine inspections and repairs. Data is readily available to managers, allowing proactive decisions to prolong the life of their transformers.


Failure to inspect power transformers can result in major revenue loss, high repair costs, as well as environmental damages over time.


Power transformer management is performed to ensure structures are safe, reliable, follow regulations, and to avoid an outage of electrical services to the community. Utility Cloud’s user-friendly design allows management and inspectors to instantly view and access and performs power transformer’s inspection status in real-time. Custom work forms may be created to capture up to date inspection data assessing the condition of the power transformer, and repair work orders may be triggered based on the condition of the transformer. All history and important data are stored on each transformer, which provides management with the information needed to plan for rehabilitation/replacement projects.


  • Visualize location of the power transformers on digital map
  • View inspection status in real time
  • Optimize inspection route efficiency
  • View, add and update the status of the transformers attributes
  • View real-time location and status of inspectors
  • Proximity verification ensures inspections are completed at the correct location
  • Custom forms ensure accuracy of information recorded
  • Attach inspection videos or photos to the transformer for future reference


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