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Transportation Industry

Railroad Inspections

Walk-the-line feature for visual inspections

To stay compliant with the Railroad Federal Safety Act of 1970 (RFSA) the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) mandates routine railroad inspections. Utility Cloud assists organizations with the cartography of railroad tracks, viewing up to the moment inspection statuses and automatically issuing maintenance work orders based off results.


The leading cause of accidents on U.S. railways is track defects. Resulting deficiencies include inclement weather, corrosion, debris build-up, inefficient monitoring, normal wear-and-tear, and destruction of property. Lack of preventive measures such as routine maintenance and inspections can result in severe safety risks for the passenger and employees.


Routine railroad inspections ensure businesses are staying compliant with the RFSA, the immutability of railroad tracks, and assists management with capital planning and replacement projects. Utility Cloud manages railroad inspections while offering visual asset maps of track locations and attributes while storing vital information including photos, videos, and inspection results. Utility Cloud’s walk the line feature allows better visualization of railroads inspection status when paired with custom work form’s that assess track conditions and as well as maintain inspection data. Maintenance work orders can be automatically generated according to inspection results or leveraged by management for capital planning/replacement projects. The goal is to maintain railroads with decreased track deficiencies and stay in compliance with RFSA regulations creating safer railways.


  • Visualize location of railroad and rapid transit tracks
  • Use walk-the-line feature to identify inspection status of railroad segments
  • Update the status of the railroad attributes
  • Create customized inspection forms for accurate data entry
  • Automatically trigger maintenance work orders based on previous results
  • Create and automatically generate compliance reports
  • Send all notices and reports via email, mail or fax


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