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Sewer Manhole Inspections

Sewer manholes provide an access point to a community’s sewer infrastructure. Currently, there are over 20 million sewer manholes in the U.S. The average life-span on a sewer manhole can typically range from 50-60 years.


As sewer system networks age, the risk of deterioration, blockages, and collapses become a major concern in local communities. Failure to implement proper sewer manhole inspections can result in severe deterioration of a communities wastewater distribution system. Such degradation can result in the system caving in and can cause negative health impacts to the community and the environment.


Sewer Manhole Inspections are performed to ensure a community’s wastewater infrastructure is secure, and to manage the deterioration and rehabilitation/replacement schedule for sewer manholes. Manhole inspections are designed to take a pro-active approach to inspecting the sewer system, identifying potential issues, and correcting them before they develop into costly repairs. Annual inspections maximize the longevity of the asset and ensure public safety. Effectively managing your sewer manhole inspections using a cloud-based operations management system will assist you in taking proactive measures to improve performance levels of your sewer systems. These inspections further a community’s reinvestment into their wastewater infrastructure and assist with projection planning for rehabilitation and repair projects. It also ensures efficiency in meeting all necessary government requirements.


  • View locations of manholes and inspection status on digital map
  • Add and update sewer manhole attributes in real time
  • Optimize daily work routines for inspectors and contractors
  • Maintain quality control with proximity verification
  • Centralized access of all sewer manhole information
  • Attach photos or videos of inspection and cleaning wor
  • Automatically generate forms and reports


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