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Water Industry

Well & Groundwater Inspections

Groundwater accounts for 98% of the earth’s drinking water supply. Fifty percent of the US population relies on groundwater for daily drinking water and 37% of the agriculture in the United States depends on groundwater. Failure to perform daily inspections on your community’s wells and groundwater can result in the overtreatment or under treatment of your drinking water. And, if groundwater is not treated appropriately, waterborne germs such as, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Hepatitis A, Giardia, and other pathogens can make your community sick. Managing this program with spreadsheets (or knowledge that is only in one senior team member’s head) increases your risk of a public health outbreak.

As a Water Manager, you understand the important role Well and Groundwater Inspections play in your overall water program. However, you may be faced with common challenges such as how to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to manage field service personnel and contractors and assigning work orders
  • Ensure compliance with state and EPA standards
  • Ease the burden of completing and retrieving paper-based work orders and manually generating reports

You can increase the success, safety and compliance of your well and groundwater inspection program by using industry best practices and a proven operations management solution. In fact, the right operations management solution can save you time AND money.

The most efficient well and groundwater programs start with a sound plan for frequency and scheduling. A robust operations management solution, such as Utility Cloud, can simplify the management of this program.

To stay compliant with local, state, and EPA standards, Utility Cloud offers an advanced cloud-based platform to assist with daily monitoring and inspections of wells and distribution systems. Immediate alerts are issued when potential threats to normal levels of water quality and water quality standards are not being met. Not only does Utility Cloud offer advanced solutions for recording data and managing operations, but we also assist management in establishing planning goals and objectives to improve a community’s distribution system.

  • View locations of all of your wells on a digital map in real-time
  • Optimize the time and distance they travel by mapping inspection routes
  • Update well attributes in the field
  • View real-time location status of field inspectors
  • Verify that inspections are completed at the correct location with proximity verification
  • Create customized inspection forms
  • Use asset tag and scanning to view all water distribution attributes
  • Automatically schedule routine inspections and trigger work orders
  • Automatically generate custom compliance reports
  • Enterprise-wide, real-time information
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Stand-alone technology or an open API for integration with current work order management and other systems
  • A scalable, cloud-based solution on highly-secure AWS (Amazon Web Servers) located globally
  • Multi-language capabilities (English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese)
  • Save time and money. Real-time information of every asset and crew member, on any device provides simplified scheduling, reduced mistakes and greater efficiency.
  • Make a greater impact. Historical and current data allows program managers to identify problem areas and invest capital budgets wisely.
  • Stay current and compliant. A scalable cloud platform and frequent software updates ensure alignment with changing regulatory, infrastructure and industry needs.
  • Be confident in data security and compliance. AWS data centers are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. And, with Utility Cloud servers on virtually every continent, data storage complies with local and regional regulations.
  • Leverage One Solution. Simplify many work and asset management compliance programs into one powerful platform.

Utility Cloud is committed to delivering the smartest, user-friendly tools available enabling our water clients to deliver efficient, compliant services to the communities they serve.

No other solution offers insight like Utility Cloud. In a nutshell, Utility Cloud helps you keep your community safe.


Our support experts are ready to guide you through the latest version of our powerful operations management solution.
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