Julius Patrick, Greenville Utilities, NC
Treatment Plant Superintendent

Utility Cloud saves us time by providing real-time workforce management. The proximity and timestamp verification features are great for management and regulatory compliance, while the ability to access real-time data, work orders, and create custom reports anytime, anywhere makes our entire team more efficient.

Town of Natick, MA
Tree Warden

Utility Cloud provides the framework to manage our dynamic range of responsibilities for urban forestry and recreational space. With the customization of the workflow editor, we are able to identify multiple tasks and are motivated to get things done.

Buzzards Bay, MA
Water District

I never have to worry about finding the information I need or that the information will be lost. My data is now just a tap away.

Town of Easton, MA
Town Municipality

Since using Utility Cloud I trust the accuracy provided in my compliance reports and there is accountability for what needs to get done.

Town of Burgaw, NC
Town Municipality

It has been six months since we started, and we are already using the application for daily well rounds, water hydrant flushing, compliance sampling, utility locates, and fleet management. The monthly operating report is now done electronically and is ready for delivery to the state office by the second day of the month. There is so much I can say about this amazing product. We are very happy that we all made the right decision. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Hillsborough, NC
Utilities Maintenance Supervisor

Utility Cloud is almost like a crowd-sourced operations management system. Because they view their relationships with our water and sewer teams as partnerships, they’re always using our feedback to improve the system. The intelligence of the entire water community is built into Utility Cloud.

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