Water regulations can be painful – not anymore.


Well & Groundwater Inspections

Utility Cloud can be used to ensure compliance with state and EPA standards, helping to ease the burden of completing and retrieving paper-based work orders or manually generating reports.

View daily monitoring and inspections of wells and distribution systems.
Get immediate alerts when potential threats to normal levels of water quality and water quality standards are not being met.

Water Valve Exercising

Utility Cloud will simplify your valve exercising programs. Workers can view asset data and valve information directly from any computer or mobile device. Managers can track completed work in real time, sending reports and work orders in a matter of minutes.

Water Storage Tank Inspections

Utility Cloud can be used to generate automated reporting and work orders. Tanks may be identified, managed and tracked using maps. Inspections can be completed in the field on a mobile device for faster reporting.

Water Quality Sampling

With Utility Cloud, you can increase the success, safety, and compliance of your water quality sampling program by using industry best practices and a proven operations management solution. In fact, the right operations management solution can save you time and money.

  • Manage sampling points, sampling data, and chain of custody reports.
  • Access to various inspection forms (TOC, THM, HAA, MRT, Bacti, etc.) out in the field and record data in real-time.
  • Instant access to sampling records and automatically produced monthly/annual compliance reports.

Stormwater Inspections and BMP Maintenance

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to manage and access asset data. Features such as visual mapping, work route optimization, real-time data updates, proximity verification, and less burdensome compliance reporting.

  • Ensure all your stormwater sites are MS-4 compliant and functioning properly.

Sewer Manhole Inspections

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to access all sewer manhole information. Features such as visual mapping, real-time data updates, and automated reporting can be used to optimize your work.

Lift Station Inspections

Utility Cloud features such as visual mapping, real-time location status, schematics, custom forms, and automated reporting can be used to optimize work and maintenance programs.

  • Get readily available records of sewer system inspections for short- and long-term planning.
  • Easily meet all necessary governmental requirements.

Inflow and Infiltration

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to access all sewer lines, manholes and lift station information. Features such as visual mapping, automated work triggers, proximity verification, and automated standard compliance reporting.

  • Improve performance levels of your sewer systems.
  • Gain insight for projection planning of rehabilitation and repair projects.

Hydrant Inspections

Utility Cloud can be used to capture, view, and analyze your hydrant data. Schedule inspections and automatically trigger work orders based on inspection results. Ensure information accuracy with customized hydrant inspection forms.

  • Know when to inspect hydrants using historical data.
  • Identify malfunctioning hydrants and easily schedule them for repair or replacement.

Hydrant Flushing

Utility Cloud can be used to replace paper-based systems, improve productivity, and help water departments better maintain their existing assets and infrastructure.

  • Improve both conventional and unidirectional (UDF) hydrant flushing processes.
  • Ensure that data is accessible by anyone on your team, from any device, anywhere they work.
  • See all your assets and know which hydrants require flushing.

FOG Inspections and Sewer Infrastructure Solutions

Utility Cloud features such as mapping, proximity verification, work triggers and automated reporting can be used to optimize work and compliance reporting.

  • Keep all departments within the municipality—plumbing inspection, health department, etc. —on the same page.
  • Schedule and document FOG inspections.
  • Provide instant inspection results including approvals, corrective action steps, and pictures.
  • Schedule follow up inspections when necessary.

Cross Connection Testing

Utility Cloud can be used to visualize the locations of cross-connections in real-time, access historical data, and automatically produce regulatory compliance reports.

  • Schedule surveys, inspections, and testing.
  • Automatically trigger follow-up actions.

Catch Basin Maintenance

Utility Cloud provides a centralized system to access asset data. Features such as visual mapping, real-time data updates, work history, automated work triggers, proximity verification, and custom compliance reporting.

  • Eliminate management inefficiencies.
  • Ensure best management practices are being followed.
  • Schedule and complete inspections, cleanings, follow-up repairs, and access historical data anywhere and on any modern device.


Vertical Asset Management

Drill into vertical assets, equipment, subcomponents – as granularly as you want. Define your own layers with ease, delivering efficiency for operations and highly specific data for the enterprise.

Compliance Reporting

Automatically extract data from daily work to create & submit reports. You already have the data – from rounds, machines, and so on – we take the administrative burden out of organizing that data into reports. Further, we allow you to trigger alerts and other actions from non-compliance.


Solve the end-to-end sampling process – digitize your chain of custody, eliminate multiple handoffs, centralize lab result data, report on data. We integrate with third party labs to make the most comprehensive field sampling workflow software on the planet. With a simple bar code, shipped to you when you need it, we make this all a reality.

Unit Monitoring

Continuously monitor assets, set thresholds, create alerts, gather insights. Make your instrumentation virtual, without any coding needed on the back end. Pull all your data from sensors, machines, and people into one place in real-time with robust capabilities to adjust the measures that matter to you.

GIS Integration

Continuous integration with your system of record. We have bidirectional integration with your GIS so that you can choice the system of record – your GIS, Utility Cloud, or both.

Workflow Collaboration

Plan routes, assign work, trigger workorders, set alerts. We capture pretty much any if/then scenario you can think of. Notify stakeholders, trigger reports, create work – take whatever actions you want, as defined by you.

Manage contractors

Assign permissions across your organization and across contractors. Give each party only the data and action they need to do their job – you decide what that looks like. We have over 200 permissions capabilities so that you can manage a complex system of contractors and subcontractors. Setup is simple.